How to Write a Research Paper - A Bitesize Bio Course

Your work and career as a scientist will ultimately be judged on the manuscripts you publish.

So the skill of writing clear and concise manuscripts that can successfully navigate the peer review process and make an impact once published is essential. And learning how to do that with maximum efficiency and minimum stress is and added bonus.

In this 3hr 55 min video course from our popular Bioscience Mastery Academy course Dr Amanda Welch, Editor-in-Chief of Bitesize Bio guides you through the most important practicalities of creating a research paper that will perform for you.

The four main parts of this course are:

  • Telling your story - a system for writing research papers
  • The anatomy of a research paper
  • Common problems with research papers and how to overcome them
  • Understanding the publication process

For a preview of this course, click here to listen to a podcast episode in which Dr Welch discusses some of the concepts it covers.

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