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Bitesize Bio

Bitesize Bio

United Kingdom · 5 items

7 eBook Bundle

This bundle contains 7 eBooks that take some of the best wisdom from Bitesize Bio's authors and put it into your hands to help you improve and excel at the bench and beyond.

Included in this bundle are:

  • The Bitesize Bio Guide to PCR by Kirsten Hogg
  • Before you touch that Microscope! by Martin Wilson
  • The Bitesize Bio Guide to Protein Expression by Vicki Doronina
  • The Bitesize Bio Guide to Lab Safety by Jason Erk
  • 10 Things Every Molecular Biologist Should Know by Nick Oswald et al
  • How to write your First or Next Paper by Jode Plank
  • Curious Tales from the History of Biology by Nick Oswald and Andrew Porterfield

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